RNAAT: 501/2015


        Projeto Raízes emerged at an entrepreneurship contest , “Desafio Empreendedor IN-Ave 2014”, in which it ended up as a winner. From this point, our services have been gradually sharpened, and we have been growing professionally, in an organic and contextualized way, according to our principles and values.

              During our journey, we have been involved in the organization (totally or in partnership) of several events, from which we highlight the following ones:

Ecological Walking Trail Só Barroso (2016 e 2017)

Cabeceiras Trail - O Trilho do Guerreiro (2015 e 2016)

Boticas Trail - Caminhos do Galaico 2017

Wolfram Trail - Minas da Borralha 2017

Ultra Trail Ibérico de Vilar de Perdizes 2016

Scientific Entertainment in Holidays - Junta de Freguesia Basto S. Clemente

Manhã de Sorrisos - Solidary Scientific Entertainment (Lions Club Cabeceiras de Basto)

1º Festival Naturminho - Minho Nature Experiences

Lecture Fauna and Flora of Serra da Cabreira - Externato S. Miguel de Refojos (3 editions)

Solidary Walking Trail Fundação António Joaquim Gomes da Cunha (4 editions)

Encounter NLI's of Braga District 2016

2 Walking Trail Events in 2014

13 Walking Trail Events in 2015

11 Walking Trail Events in 2016

11 Walking Trail Events till August 2017

Fam Trip Eddy Guyt 100% NL

Several touristic services in private custom made programs for national and international clients (Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, United States, Brazil, Pakistan).